Carpet Cleaners Are Miracle Workers

So, I hosted a little party yesterday.  Midweek, I know, don’t judge…  Was pretty low key.  I decided to do a shared party for dudes and dudettes.  I figured since all the guys were going to be drinking and watching the NFL draft, I might as well seize the perfect opportunity to socialize and sip on some magnificent malbec (my fav wine BTW).

Things were going along just swimmingly until Toby (my lovable lab) decided to make a move for the hors d’oeuvres.  I did my best job trying to box him out like I was trying to grab a rebound back in my college days.  Only problem is that I bumped Toby and I think I must have startled him.  His tail (which is constantly in motion) smacked into my previously mentioned wine glass which just so happened to be sitting on an end table.

Not sure if you have ever been hit with the wagging tail of a lab, but the wine glass simply didn’t stand a chance.  My malbec did its best Rorschach test impression on my beautiful area rug.  Talk about panic setting in a hurray.  I tried to keep it together (I was the host of the party after all), but it was difficult to hide my emotions.

Tom (one of the partygoers) told me to call his buddy Henry at  Said that he has the experience and the technicians to get my wine stain out in no time.  I wasted no time and got on the phone immediately after looking up the site.  I knew that time was of the essence, and I’m sure glad I called.  Henry dispatched a crew almost immediately.  We simply shifted the party to the 3 season porch to give the carpet tech space to work.

45 minutes later and you couldn’t even tell where my malbec had splattered.  I was so impressed with their “Red Out” service and I’ll definitely keep them in mind for future debacles.  I should have taken a before and after pic, but I was freaking out so much that I didn’t even think to.  I did find this cool pic online.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.21.01 AM

How did they even capture the moment like this?  Time lapse camera and a planned spill of some red wine?

Now, back to the party.  Who would have thought that the Tampa Bay Bucs would have selected Jameis Winston with the #1 overall pick.  I mean, they have only had a “few issues” with QB selections in the recent past. Ahem, Josh Freeman.  Glad to see my hometown boy Brandon Scherff go #5 overall.  Maybe RG3 can actually have some time in the pocket to create.  I really only wanted to pay attention to the draft long enough to see when Brandon was selected.

I then got back with my gossip girls and we totally caught up on everything going on in the neighborhood.  I love the fact that my parents were able to watch the kiddos last night and gave me a chance to enjoy a night with my friends without fear of having to change an abomination of a dirty diaper mid party.  Sometimes it’s great to be close to family.  Not that I take advantage of it, but I know that my parents love spending time with their grandchildren.

We even planned the next social gathering.  With the weather finally heating up, Josh had a cool idea to have a mini golf party.  Each house is going to create a mini golf hole in their garage and we will go from house to house playing mini golf, drinking, and eating.  What a cool idea.  I am sooo looking forward to it.